turning dreams into reality

This was my first experiment with Unity and I must say that I actually really enjoyed it.  While obviously there is still a lot to learn, I was amazed how quickly I was able to grasp everything at a basic level.  This may not be the most graceful video ever made, but I am controlling the three movements with different key strokes.

Dancing in a meadow below:

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Final Project == 4.0

Well, the day has finally come.  Alex, Katie and I have spent the past couple of weeks working together on what seemed like an inconceivable idea considering our collective aptitude in physical computing and processing, but we finally crossed the finish line.  Alex and I are set to present tomorrow and we will be in the winter show over the weekend.  While there are still a few bugs to adjust in the interim, we are confident that we will have those fixed by the time it will be shown to the world (or at least whoever comes to the show on Sunday and Monday).

Transplants: A Fake Animated Documentary

Well, we are finished.  I guess.  Chris and I spent the past two weeks working on an animated short in After Effects.  While I have had previous experience in AE, I had only used it for text and main titles.  Using this program for animating characters is an entirely different beast and one who I came far from taming.  Actually, the beast pretty much ate me and spit me right out.  However, with all of our trials and tribulations, we ended up making a short story that at least makes sense as there is a beginning, middle and end.  When it comes to the actual animation, we certainly struggled quite a bit.  After watching multiple tutorials and trying to make everything work as best as we could in such a short amount of time, behold the final project: