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Ok.  There has been quite a bit of progress made for our p5 sketch and a decent amount made from the physical computing side.  For our sketch, we have now color coded the balls signaling the different pitches that are being thrown.  These colors are still in flux as we have not made a key yet that will apply to all of the pitchers.  However, the goal is to have each pitch assigned to a different color and show such in the pitchers arsenal (which will be displayed in the top left corner).

A big step was also made (with the gracious help of Kat Sullivan) to figure out how to display the frequency of each pitch thrown by each of our 5 major leaguers.  When compiling our data, we found out how often they threw each pitch during their most dominant season.  In our json file, we compiled those numbers and placed them accordingly.  Our sketch essentially divides each of the pitches by 10 to convert it into a rounded percentage close to what the actually number is for the pitcher.  For example, Thor throws his fastball at close to a 40% rate and his sinker at about 20%.  Those numbers are represented by single digits and randomized inside the draw function.screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-2-32-49-pm

From the PComp side, we were able to get the button to toggle between the five pitchers for the live mode using bluetooth.  The distance reaches quite far, but we obviously won’t need that sort of distance.


We would like to have the visuals completed by the weekend along with combining all of the pitchers into one large file as opposed to the five which they currently reside.  We also need to figure out a way to have three different modes… still not quite sure how we go about that yet.  Also, this weekend will involve messing around with the FSR’s and getting them to at least begin to work in parallel as this will be the main component of our home base.

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Final Project == 4.0

Well, the day has finally come.  Alex, Katie and I have spent the past couple of weeks working together on what seemed like an inconceivable idea considering our collective aptitude in physical computing and processing, but we finally crossed the finish line.  Alex and I are set to present tomorrow and we will be in the winter show over the weekend.  While there are still a few bugs to adjust in the interim, we are confident that we will have those fixed by the time it will be shown to the world (or at least whoever comes to the show on Sunday and Monday).

Unity Dancing

This was my first experiment with Unity and I must say that I actually really enjoyed it.  While obviously there is still a lot to learn, I was amazed how quickly I was able to grasp everything at a basic level.  This may not be the most graceful video ever made, but I am controlling the three movements with different key strokes.

Dancing in a meadow below: